The King of the Range Hoods (English e-book)


The King of the Range Hoods (English e-book)

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In the eighties and nineties the rich North East was considered the locomotive of the Italian economy; this story was born there and precisely at that time.

The author has had the good fortune to flank this impossibleman since when, the tinsmith, decided to outdo the competitors in the world of kitchen hoods.


A great muttering arose from the audience, many had heard of him, few were those who could say they had seen him, the king of range hoodswas an authentic grump: he never granted interviews, he didnt participate in conferences, he didnt accept invitations to go on TV and, it is said, once he dealt a blow to a photographer who wanted to take his picture.

Its certainly because of his reluctance to show himself in public that Ottorino L. is little known to the general public; or maybe also because the world of kitchen hoods is a small one, outside of which visibility is zero.

May this story be a contribution to overcoming the most devastating economic and financial crisis of the last century and a message of faith in oneself for all those who are losing it.

He readjusted the microphone to his lapel, came down from the stage and…

The sphere of my life he resumed, began to roll downwards at great speed the day I co-signed the loan in the bank; but I had no way of knowing it yet.

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Autore: Giorgio Barbiero

Giorgio Barbiero, degree in Sociology, is a management consultant. He sporadically holds seminars for entrepreneurs and company managers, and deals with generational transition. He is the writer of the nonfiction book: Come vorresti che fosse il tuo successore – Appunti di CAOS management(How Would You Like Your Successor to Be – Notes of Chaos Theory Management),  Ergo, 2001.  In 2004 Sperling & Kupfer re-proposed it with the title: Il Principe ereditario – Come scegliere il proprio successore in azienda. Riflessioni sulla Leadership(The Hereditary Prince – How to Choose Your Own Successor in the Company. Reflections on Leadership).

And in 2013 Enter Edizioni published: La differenza(The Difference). Restless, he researches and writes.

Now, overpowering, the memory of Ottorino, the tinsmith who wanted to become the king of  kitchen hoods.


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